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Hate to break it to you, but you’ve been missing out. Big time. BUOST is the upgrade you need, and the upgrade you deserve. Compelling content with stories people will want to read, the catchy brand image you deep-down desire, and plans that’ll skyrocket your engagement: all in one place. A team of enthusiastic personalities driven to provide above and beyond the client’s expectations.

Why hesitate when you can reach the sky?

We Make

We make you go for it. 

You probably tried several approaches. We’re not saying they’re completely useless, but we know you can do better. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve that we think will completely transform your brand. No wait, it definitely will. Take that risk and trust in us, and the audience you want will draw towards you like a moth to a flame.

Thisara J.

Executive Director/Chairman

Sechira H.

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Akila A.

Independent Non-Executive Director

Jerry C.

Chief Operating Officer

Boopathy K.

Advisor – Legal

Chillie W.

Advisor – Engineering


We’re not your regular Joe. As out-of-the-box thinkers and growth enthusiasts (maybe occasional dragon slayers- yes, they exist), we strive to provide the best digital marketing experience there is. We know what we’re doing and we are good at it. We will create a world where your brand is seen and heard, and your story will dominate markets like you’ve never seen before. These aren’t empty promises. They’re goals.


Branding & Identity

Designs play a huge role in going digital. Starting from social media and extending to websites and applications, your brand’s outlook depends on the designs we create.



We become a part of your team, understanding your goals and needs. We don’t execute strategies blindly. We follow what needs to be done, in the manner that is required, finally creating a better brand for you.


Performance Driven

Take a break from the tedious process and hand it over to us. By automating most of the in-between jobs, and leaving more time for creating better content, BUOST will take over in a regular and efficient manner. We’ll make your brand grow.

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the Team.

Your brand with BUOST.

We’ve worked with reputed brands, and brands that BECAME reputed. We are all dedicated to growing your business, and we know it’s no easy feat. With the right tools and the right skills, we can work the magic. Curated content for the right audience and strategies created after prudent research, together with a crafted game plan can transform your digital presence and reach your marketing goals.

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