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BUOST is a leading digital powerhouse, crafting transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape. We leverage a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing, Product Engineering, Design & Experience, Growth Marketing, to deliver exceptional results that drive tangible growth and brand amplification.

We build brands,
grow sales and
shine light on how
digital can better
serve your world.

We bring out the best in you, no really.

Your brand is unique, and we have to show it to the world. By carefully crafting strategies for your desired results, we personify your brand by giving it a look and feel that resembles your goals and beliefs.

Product Engineering

BUOST’s Engineering/Product Development services are at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that merge seamless design with unparalleled functionality.

Design,UI & Experience

Designs that give your customers to get the best user experience. Taking over a web or design project requires understanding, planning, and execution. We don’t just dive into the deep end unprepared. 

& Growth

We believe in digital marketing strategies driven by results. Focus is given to maximize lead generation, product or service purchases and other matrix such as website traffic.


AI Driven Solutions

At BUOST, we harness the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to engineer intelligent, data-driven solutions that redefine the landscape of business operations. Through our expertise in AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, and Predictive Analytics, we empower our clients to automate processes, unlock invaluable insights, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Overhyped Team
Crafting Solutions

We’re not your regular Joe. As out-of-the-box thinkers and growth enthusiasts (maybe occasional dragon slayers- yes, they exist), we strive to provide the best digital marketing experience there is. We know what we’re doing and we are good at it. We will create a world where your brand is seen and heard, and your story will dominate markets like you’ve never seen before. These aren’t empty promises. They’re goals.

Bridging Boundaries
with the largest urban development project
in South Asia.

At BUOST, we believe in the power of innovation and creativity to drive business growth and success. As the exclusive marketing partner of Port City Colombo, we are committed to helping this visionary project reach new heights of success and become a global leader in urban development.

Some Neighborhoods We Grew Up In.

Rs. 145 Millions +
Revenue Generated

Performance Driven

The London Sleep Company has three showrooms in Sri Lanka. Still, the sales they have done online and in-person have been disappointing, given that the London Sleep Company is new to the Sri Lankan market despite having many years of expertise in the European market. As a result, the London sleep company desired to enhance its online presence, online/physical sales, and brand positioning in the Sri Lankan industry and society.

But who is better to take on this challenge than an agency that can grab more attention than the Kardashians?

Increasing ROI from
10% to 10,000%​

Branding & Identity

The London Sleep Company has three showrooms in Sri Lanka. Still, the sales they have done online and in-person have been disappointing, given that the London Sleep Company is new to the Sri Lankan market despite havin…..

$100 Millions Now
Has a Different Look

Branding & Identity

Initially called Outback Properties, Orban properties are in the exclusive real estate market of Australia. With a prospering market size of $38bn, the Real Estate industry of Australia has  49,582…..


Branding & Identity

A new finance company debuting in the Australian market, Allas finance has a lot to offer. However, they weren’t ready for the market yet. When they reached out to BUOST, the goal was to polish the brand…

to Agencies.

When your team works with multiple digital assets, it’s vital that you have the necessary systems in place that will enable them to store and share these assets effortlessly. Also, data security is becoming increasingly important, so, apart from storing and sharing assets, you’ll also need to ensure that they are kept securely.

Global Reach
Local Data
& Engaging

We cracked the case.

It’s all in how you present your business; sometimes, you need a little help. We have the secret ingredients (no, not the KFC ones) to help you reach your fullest potential. We have a young team of individuals who thrive on creating stories for your brand and can get global reach with local data and engaging creatives.

Embark on
a Journey
Beyond Reality

Horizon360 by BUOST is a concept that is set to redefine how customers engage with destinations, properties, and services. It aims to create virtual experiences that bridge the gap between imagination and reality. The innovative approach to virtual tours goes beyond traditional marketing strategies, offering viewers a deeply emotional connection to spaces from the comfort of their screens. 


You don’t have to go through a ridiculously long process to catch us. We’re not the Royal family (we like to pretend we are - that’s a different story), but you don’t have to wait in line just to get a response back. We can brainstorm, plan, and strategize. So why waste time? Let’s discuss this over coffee. Don’t worry, it’s on us.

Discover Your Future w/ BUOST

Whether you aspire to be an engineer, a marketing guru, or a talented designer, we offer you the opportunity to estimate your potential salary at BUOST even before submitting your application.

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