Vibrant Transformation of Port City Colombo: Where Business, Lifestyle, and Sustainability Unite!"

Port City Colombo, a visionary urban development project, embarked on a journey to extend its brand identity to encompass three essential aspects of its mission: Finance/Business, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. 

Case Studies > CHEC Port City Colombo

Brand Background

To achieve this transformation, Port City Colombo collaborated with BUOST, who were entrusted with the task of translating this vision into a cohesive and versatile brand guideline. This case study explores the intricate process and the remarkable outcomes of this branding evolution, encapsulating the essence of Port City Colombo’s new identity.

Port City Colombo’s brand extension revolved around three core pillars:


The emblematic Blue Sapphire color was harnessed to represent business excellence. It symbolized Port City’s steadfast commitment to fostering economic growth within the Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone.


The enchanting shades of Padmaraga Pink captured the essence of luxurious urban living. It spoke to the vibrant and opulent lifestyle that Port City Colombo aspired to offer its residents and visitors.


Emerald Green, mirroring Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes, signified Port City’s dedication to a sustainable future. It embodied the coexistence of progress and environmental harmony, a pivotal component of the city’s ethos.

Case Studies > CHEC Port City Colombo

The Creative Process

The task of extending the brand into these three areas required a careful balance of creativity and precision. Port City Colombo provided specific color codes, drawn from the Gem Story mentioned above, which symbolized each facet of their identity. Using these codes, BUOST meticulously crafted collateral materials, visual elements, and usage guidelines. The extended brand guidelines were designed to encapsulate the distinctive features of each pillar while maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

Case Studies > CHEC Port City Colombo

The Result

The brand guidelines for Port City Colombo’s extensions now serve as a roadmap for consistent and harmonious brand representation across diverse sectors. The financial/business, lifestyle, and sustainability aspects are distinguished by their unique color schemes, yet all are unmistakably part of the Port City Colombo family. This evolution underscores Port City’s commitment to economic growth, luxurious living, and environmental harmony. It presents a contemporary, sustainable, and vibrant epicenter for business success, quality living, and a greener, more harmonious future.

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