Igniting the Passion with MotoCorp, Best Driveway deal's visual rebirth.

MotoCorp – Best Driveway Deal, a renowned haven for high-end Japanese sports car enthusiasts, faced with a captivating challenge: How to translate their unwavering dedication to excellence and customer delight into a visual identity as impressive as their vehicles. In a world where first impressions are crucial, their logo and brand image required a transformation that would not only mirror their values but also captivate the discerning eyes of their clientele.

Case Studies > MotoCorp Pty. Ltd.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, an extensive brand evolution was initiated. The primary focus centered on a logo redesign, resulting in a striking fusion of bold black and vibrant orange colors. The logo’s ‘M’ was skillfully crafted to enhance its distinctiveness, adding a touch of uniqueness. Additionally, a thoughtfully chosen typography strategy, clear usage guidelines, and a core color palette was established to elevate the brand’s identity and ensure steadfast consistency.

Case Studies > MotoCorp Pty. Ltd.​

The Result

The revamped visual identity of MotoCorp – Best Driveway Deal effectively addressed the challenge, impressing car enthusiasts and potential customers. The new logo, with its bold colors and clever ‘M’ design, strongly connects with the audience. Versatile logo variations suit different contexts, while clear typography and color schemes reinforce the brand’s identity. The brand is now well-positioned for continued success in the competitive car dealership industry, embodying values of excellence, passion, and reliability.

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