Reviving the Timeless
Elegance of New Vithanakande Tea

New Vithanakande Tea, a cherished tea brand steeped in tradition, faced a challenge in the modern era – capturing the hearts of a new generation of tea enthusiasts. Their existing visual identity lacked coherence, struggling to communicate their core values of sustainability and authenticity to the evolving audience.

Case Studies > Vithanakande Tea

The Solution

With a vision for transformation, our creative agency set out on a delightful endeavor. Retaining the brand’s essence, we breathed new life into their logo, infusing it with dynamic outlines that symbolized progress and growth. A thoughtfully curated color palette emerged, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability, energy, and joy. To echo their profound connection to nature, we introduced a graceful leaf pattern, adding a touch of natural beauty to their identity.

Case Studies > Vithanakande Tea​

The Result

The magic of our efforts materialized as the revitalized visual identity dazzled the tea-loving community. Embracing the evolved logo, vibrant colors, and nature-inspired patterns, the brand struck a harmonious chord with the audience. With versatile logo variations ensuring adaptability, the brand now inspires and forges lasting bonds with tea enthusiasts. The remarkable journey of New Vithanakande Tea continues, ever-steeped in excellence, authenticity, and a heartwarming connection to the wonders of nature.

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